More How I became

Victor and his Brothers Mark and Wayne. Mark commited Suicide in November 1988.

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Me at 3 with my brother Mark

Me at almost 4

Me aand Mark

Me at 6 with my new little brother Wayne

Me at 7 for a brother shot

Me at 11, hair is starting to grow.

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Me at 14, look at that hair

Me at 15, Summer 82

Me at 17, with Tigger and brothers

This is my dog Tigger, my dad and my brothers Mark and Wayne in '82. I was 17.

Me at 17, got a stupid haircut

I hate Haircuts

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Here I am at 17 with a trucker buddy of my mom's

Here is the day after I got out of prison

Ok, some people asked if I ever had short hair, here is a pic I took the same day..

I went to prison for doing drugs and drinking

I had 2 1/2 years sobriety here.

I was only 21

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Me at 21 in 1986

My little brother Mark and myself in Orlando Florida in '87.

Here I am at 22 in Ca

Tryin to get that moustache to grow.

Here are the last pics of my Brother Mark

Here is the last pictures of my brother Mark and my Aunt Florie, I was 23.

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My little brother Wayne and myself in Mt. Laguna in '90. He got so Big

My brother Mark at his Graduation from Coral Gables High in Fla '87.

This is my brother Wayne. He's now 36, living in Lund, Sweden

Me at 24 in Daytona Bike week '89.

Me at 25 at Mount Rushmore '90

Me singing in Hollywood in '91.

Me with my Snake Conan in '94





This is the Late Gabriella and

This is the late  Beauregard
and Andromeda

This was my Albino Burm Johnny Winter, Still alive at the SD Zoo

These are a couple of my Rattlers Sam and Dave

This was my Tree Boa Emerald

This was my croc
Spencer. He's at the
San Diego Zoo now.

People always ask me where I am from?  NRMC Camp LeJuene Marine Corps Base,  North Carolina. March 6th, 1965

A photo of my dad from '61.

Me and my mom at the Del Mar Fair in '98

We are eating all the Junk we can!!!

My Mom, my friend Russell and myself on the foot vibrators.

Me and my mom at the Key Club.

This is me and my Mom at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood in '98

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The Adventures of Victor and Sofie
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